Sodastream is doing something unbelievable to save our planet

by Leah Rosenberg

Sodastream is one of the most impressive businesses in the State of Israel.  It has a massive global distribution, and is at the forefront of the soft-drink industry worldwide.

Arabs and Jews working together

Both Arabs and Jews live rather well in the State of Israel.  No matter what you may hear from the mass media, Arabs have an enormous amount of opportunity in the State of Israel.  One of so many Jewish companies that employs hundreds of Arabs is Sodastream.  They have employees that come from all over the country and earn high wages, with solid pensions and a positive work environment.  This is very important.  Work stability brings emotional stability which brings regional stability.  One family at a time…

Environmental Safety

There are many environmental challenges that Israel and the whole world faces.  One of them is due to emissions from large factories.  But a more common issue that has become a front and center issue of late is ocean waste.  AS SodaStream manufactures an enormous amount of plastic bottles that get distributed around the whole world, they decided to pick up the baton and battle the issue.  Where?  In Honduras.  Why?  Because that is where the problem is greatest.  They deserve to be applauded for this kind of forward thinking.  Helping the environment is good for the country, good for the world, and good business.


Arab Incitement
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