The blind Arab-Israeli who is changing the way Muslims view dogs

by Leah Rosenberg

Saleem Sharif is a blind Arab-Israeli who has has a guide dog. But in Islam, dogs are considered impure. Sharif is slowly fighting that stereotype.

This Arab-Israeli is Making a Difference

It is hard enough to be blind. It comes with many challenges, obviously. Some blind people have guide dogs to help them go about their daily lives. That is usually seen as a positive thing.

But for Saleem Sharif, having a guide dog is not a given. Sharif is one of the only Arab-Israelis who uses a guide dog. Why? Because it goes against the beliefs of Islam. Muslims view dogs as impure. Dogs are not seen as something positive in Islam.

Sharif is making a difference. He wants to change the fact that dogs aren’t allowed places because of what Muslims believe. He wants Muslims to view dogs differently.

Sharif’s Dog has Changed His Life

Winston, Saleem Sharif’s guide dog, has truly improved his life. Saleem has even changed the lives of others by showing them that having a dog is not a bad thing. Sharif stands strong even when others criticize him.

And people who used to bother him about Winston now have started to understand.

The fact that this Arab-Israeli is able to stand up to his religion when he feels something should be different is truly unique. More people need to hear him speak.

Maybe then another Arab-Israeli in need of a guide dog will also have the courage to use one. And if Sharif can change one life, he can change many.


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