Netanyahu thanks President Trump for reimposing sanctions on Iran

by Leah Rosenberg

Iran is a terrorist regime, and Obama’s actions with the Iran deal proved he just didn’t get it. But thankfully, President Trump has reimposed sanctions on Iran.

Reimposing Sanctions on Iran

The Iran deal was a terrible deal. It allowed Iran to continue their nuclear program and evade international checks. It is still a wonder as to why past president Barack Obama decided to bring the United States into the deal in the first place.

But President Donald Trump wisely removed the U.S. from the deal. He imposed heavy sanctions on Iran. Trump wants to stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon that would be detrimental to the entire world.

PM Netanyahu Thanks Trump

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wanted to publicly thank President Trump for reimposing sanctions on Iran. Trump showed that he truly wants to stop Iran from attaining such deadly weapons. Netanyahu has been wanting the sanctions to be reimposed upon Iran for years. And finally, President Trump did what Netanyahu has called for. What a blessing!

America’s Relationship with Israel

America’s relationship with Israel has never been stronger. President Trump has accomplished things that are unprecedented in history. One major achievement was moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. He has also stood up for Israel at the United Nations when so many have not. The U.N. has been criticizing Israel incessantly, and Trump’s administration had enough. They have defunded and pulled out of many U.N. agencies. That shows true friendship.

Israel has a good friend in the White House. PM Netanyahu and the Israeli people are very grateful for that.

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