Israel’s northern border is becoming a war zone, and the world doesn’t care

by Leah Rosenberg

Hezbollah puts Lebanese and Israeli lives at risk on Israel’s northern border. Why does the world ignore this terrorist organization’s control of Lebanon?

Hezbollah in Lebanon

Hezbollah is a terrorist organization. That should not even be an argument. The free world knows that. Why do they pretend otherwise?

Yet when they terrorize Lebanon as well as Israel, it seems that the world is silent. Why is Israel’s northern border not getting as much media attention as it should be? Did you even realize that Hezbollah has complete military and political power in Lebanon?  A state within a state.

Civilians are being forced to live on a battlefield. Hezbollah has turned them into human shields. That deserves media attention!

And these terrorists want to destroy Israel. Does anyone care that Israel’s neighboring countries threaten the tiny Jewish state on a daily basis?

The United Nations should be condemning Hezbollah and have an emergency session to stop this terrorism. Why are the United Nation’s emergency sessions focused on demonizing Israel?

The Terrorists’ Secret Disguise

Hezbollah tries to disguise itself as an environmental organization. As ridiculous as that sounds, it is true. They call themselves “Green Without Borders.” But when you search for the truth, you will see that this environmental organization is really a terrorist organization.

Often times, it does not take much to find the truth. But it seems that much of the world has stopped looking. When it comes to Israel, the Jewish state will always be at fault. Israel only gains media attention when the media can find a way to twist a story and blame Israel.

Even when it is so obvious that Israel is a democratic and free country, the world pretends it is not.

The world needs to stop confusing democratic countries and terrorists regimes and start sharing the real news.

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