The footage of Israel that gives new meaning to old places

by Chaya Cikk

The footage in this video is absolutely awesome! From the north to the south, and the east to the west. You can’t escape these old places, that are so full and rich in history. These places now have a new meaning.

The Footage

The footage in this video is beautiful. It shows many places, from the Sea of Galilee to the Western Wall, to the Dead Sea and more. All these places are thousands of years old. We’ve read about many of them in the Bible.

The Western Wall, we know as part of the Temple, that once stood on Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The holiest place for the Jewish People. Jews from all over the world turn towards this place when they pray. Another well-known place is the Mountain of Olives. This has been a cemetery for many thousands of years. There are many notable people who are buried here. For example, Rav Goren, who was the Chief Rabbi of Israel during the 6-Day War. Also, Menachem Begin, Prime Minister of Israel between 1977 – 1983. There are also many burial caves dating back to the First and Second Temple period.

The Jordan River, one of the most famous rivers. Also mentioned in the Bible, as the river that the Jewish People crossed, after wandering in the desert for 40 years. They crossed this River to enter the land of Israel. Additional places include the Sea of Galilee and Bethlehem. The dessert where when you can see the beauty of the stars.

Finally, when people walk in the land of Israel or visit these places. They should realize just how amazing it is to be walking in the steps of our forefathers. People, many thousands of years ago were also walking here. How cool is that? There is so much history in Israel, there is always something to learn.

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