Bibi Netanyahu’s off-script remarks prove Israel’s Jewish heritage

by Leah Rosenberg

Birthright is an organization that brings people to Israel and connects them to the land and people. Listen to Bibi’s impromptu speech. You’ll be inspired.

Bibi’s Speech to Birthright

Bibi’s off-script remarks to those of Jewish heritage who came on this Birthright trip are powerful. If these Jews did not want to move to Israel before, they probably did after this speech!

Netanyahu starts off by asking everyone “Where are you from?” But his point was that all the places they shouted out are not where they are REALLY from. The Jewish people are from Israel! It is our heritage, our birthright. It is where all Jews belong. Israel is our past, present, and future.

Share the Truth about Israel

To the entire Birthright trip that Bibi Netanyahu spoke to, he requests that they go back to their respective homes and share the truth about Israel; the good that Israel has to offer. We live in a world where so many are spreading lies about Israel. It is an important war that needs to be fought. As Bibi said, “The only way to fight a lie is to tell the truth.”

People are free in Israel! As Netanyahu points out, you can even criticize the prime minister and not be thrown in jail for it! There is freedom of speech in Israel. Women are treated equally. Arabs are treated equally. Can you say that about other countries in the Middle East?

Although Israel is fighting a physical battle as well on a constant basis just to stay alive, the Prime Minister said, “The most important battle that we have to fight is the battle for the truth.” After listening to this speech, hopefully we can all help Israel fight. Maybe not physically, but definitely with spreading the truth about the one and only Jewish state!

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