The song that prepares you for Shabbat in perfect harmony

by Chaya Cikk

The song that prepares you for Shabbat, like no other song is this one. A beautiful rendition of the song, Kah Ribon meaning Master of the Universe. This is a song you could be humming for hours on end.

The Song

One of the most beautiful Shabbat songs ever written. It was written by Israel Moses. This is why, when you look at the song in Hebrew it spells out the name Israel. Although the song does not mention Shabbat it does talk about praising God.

Additionally, this song reminds us that God created everything. He is behind everything we do. We may not see Him in the picture but He is there. The greatness of God is not something we can understand. Neither are His plans, we have to believe all that happens, happens for the best.

Finally, at the end of the verse, it asks God to rebuild the Temple, the holiest place on earth. Then, everyone will return to Jerusalem to sing the praises of God.

The Lyrics

God, Master of the Universe
You are the Ruler, above all rulers.
Your mighty deeds and wonders
It is beautiful to declare before You.
I will sing Your praises
in the morning and the evenings
To You Holy G-d
Who created every soul
The angels above, all people,
and the beasts that roam the grounds
and the birds of the sky.

Your creations are great and awesome
You, who lowers the high ones
and straightens out the bent ones
Even if a man lives a thousand years
he won’t be able to understand Your greatness
Even a thousand years aren’t enough
for a man to calculate Your greatness.
God to You is the honor and glory
Please redeem your sheep
from the clenched teeth of the lions
who prey on them
and take Your nation out of exile.
Return to your temple
and to the Holy of Holies
where every soul and spirit
shall sing Your praises in Jerusalem
the city of beauty.

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