Ben Shapiro breaks down exactly why the Democrats have moved so far to the left

by Phil Schneider

The Democratic party has not always been a party led by a progressive far-left group. For many decades, it was a liberal-led party that was much more focused on civil rights, the role of women, and fairness in the workplace. But in the last decade or so, especially under the leadership of President Obama, there has been a sharp lurch to the left. Ben Shapiro makes a great point that Joe Biden, who for decades stood as a classic liberal Democrat, is now considered an out-of-touch outdated Democrat.

Ramesh Ponnuru makes an interesting point in this discussion with Ben Shapiro. He points out that the Democrats – for the last few election cycles treat a victory and a defeat in the same way. They treat each as a clear sign that they need to lurch more to the left in order to win. Why did Barack Obama win? The logic goes that because he was a strong progressive, he brought out the masses who were excited by him. Why did Hillary Clinton lose? Because she didn’t excite the masses who were looking for a more Bernie Sanders-like candidate that was more electable.

Well, if that logic is correct, then it looks like Elizabeth Warren will be the nominee in 2020. She does seem like the right mix of a non-insider with enough experience as a Senator to make her seem electable. And, yes – she is a woman who may indeed succeed in bringing out masses of women to vote. The problem with that theory is that many of the women who will come out to vote will come out to vote against her. It’s not about likeability. Her handlers will probably do a decent job at helping her build and focus on her more likable qualities. It’s about her policies that she wants to implement. The far left opinions on things such as gun control, taxes, and immigration are truly scary. And it will not be hard for her opponents – not only President Trump, who will use childish name-calling this time also – to pigeon-hole her as a radical and dangerous option. Even President Trump, a concept that many a conservative and liberal thought was unthinkable a few years ago, will seem like a more stable choice this time around.

The Democratic Party may recover if they are handily defeated in 2020 like they were in 1972. But if it’s close, and it may very well be very close – like the 2016 election, then odds are that the Democratic Party will not learn their lesson. Then in 2024, they’ll have to face more mature Republican candidates with far less negatives than Donald Trump. The Democratic Party needs a counter revolution within it’s ranks.

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