Why there are really three Gazas and not one

by Leah Rosenberg

The Gaza Strip is not a very large area of land. It is a coastal area on the Mediterranean that is around the size of a borough of New York City. But, it similarly has a very large population of Arabs – somewhere between 1.25 – 2 million Arabs, in a rather small area. Today, the Hamas is the dominant leadership of the area. But in the past, there were different Arab groups that vied for power in the small area. The common denominator of all of the groups is that they do not recognize the State of Israel’s existence and are willing to suffer in order to wreak havoc on the State of Israel.

But it doesn’t need to be like that. The Gaza Strip should be as much of a tourist destination as Eilat or other beautiful coastal areas around the Mediterranean. But the problem is that nearly all of the resources that Gaza has and receives from the State of Israel are funneled into building terror tunnels and terror infrastructure. The enormous amount of money that Israel and the European Union send into Gaza does not make it to the masses. It stays in the hands of the corrupt leaders who have amassed extravagant wealth.

So, what does the typical Mohammed on the streets of Gaza really want? It’s hard to know. They probably think that all of their woes are due to the Zionist State. But in truth, it is caused by their own leadership. Hamas needs to be deposed. But the best way to bring down the corrupt leadership is via a massive Arab-language information campaign that is spread via all mediums that exist. There is no freedom of press. But in today’s day and age, nearly everyone has a phone. So, there are ways to bypass the corrupt leadership. The leadership of course will try to fight back with more and more censorship. But information can bring down dictators. It helped in the Soviet Union, and it can also do the job in the Gaza Strip.

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