Uncovered: 5,000 year old city – the largest in ancient Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

The history of the area of the State of Israel is as old as the history of the world itself. The cradle of civilization is indeed an excellent description of the area of the Middle East. The beginning of the world did indeed happen in Mesopotamia. That area is where God placed Man when He Created him and then placed him in the Garden of Eden. For the first 2,000 years of the world, the Bible does not offer a lot of information. The Bible only mentions one person in each generation, and each generation lasted 100 years.

Uncovering the Past

The archaeological finds in the State of Israel are perhaps the most staggering in the world. What is being revealed underneath the Walls of the Old City and around the area of the Temple Mount is simply unbelievable. Full stories of the Bible come out clearly with every foot of dirt that is unearthed. King David’s tumultuous life is not simply a story to read about anymore. It can be experienced and walked through right outside the Walls of the Old City. In addition, all kinds of questions about Bible interpretation are now able to be solved due to discoveries that have been unearthed.

But the basic question of faith in God needs to be dealt with. Do we believe based on what has been discovered? If so, should beliefs be weakened because of discoveries that seemingly contradict what is written. Or do we believe based on other criteria? The answer is that belief in God should absolutely not be based on archaeology. Yes, archaeology is a science. However, that does not indicate that we should base decisions on it. It is a science with some question marks. But moreso, there are far greater reasons for people to base their belief in God. God has been guiding our history since the beginning of time. His involvement is the main reason that one should believe in God’s existence.

Those who think that things are conclusive because of some archaeological evidence are probably overstating things. But those who mock the importance of archaeological finds are ignoring what is one of the best proofs that exist of the ancient world.

Col. Kemp

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