Democrats are obsessed with their loss to President Trump

by Phil Schneider

The Democratic party of the United States is indeed still in denial that Donald Trump won the Presidency. They have treated his election as if it is a mere blip in history that will be blotched out in 4 years at the most. But the problem is that even if one admits that President Trump continues to act in a very childish manner on many levels, he still has instituted many policies that are extremely positive – especially vis-a-vis Israel and the American economy.

The Issues that Matter Most

Most people in American vote based on one or two issues that are paramount in their minds. The economy is nearly always one of the two issues. Odds are that if President Trump manages to come out unscathed from the impeachment proceedings, he will be reelected if the economy stays strong. But, if things turn around, he may very well go the way of George H. Bush who was rejected less than a year after being one of the most popular American Presidents in recent history for a few months after the Persian Gulf War.

But there are other issues that matter too. And yes, character is one of them. This is obviously President Trump’s weakness. So, many Democrats are predictably looking to capitalize on this. That is normal in the world of politics and reasonable. But there are times when the electorate is more willing to overlook character faults. Is this one of those times? 2016 was. Will that also be the case in 2020? Perhaps. Character should be a paramount issue. When Ronald Reagan ran for election, many thought he would be tougher than Jimmy Carter on the Soviet Union and rogue countries like Iran. They judged him based on their understanding of his character. They were right. the same went for George H. Bush when he defeated Michael Dukakis. One of the reasons that John McCain lost to Barack Obama is that McCain could not convince the electorate that he was a stronger candidate than Obama. Yes, he was a Prisoner of War in Vietnam and had alot of courage and experience. But, he also chose a Vice Presidential candidate that had pitiful experience in foreign affairs and seemed ill-tasked for the job. That seemed like a character flaw to the electorate and it was. President Trump has multiple character flaws that are on a much greater magnitude. The Democrats should not attack the deplorables who elected President Trump. They should attack President Trump’s character while praising of his policy moves. Then, the Democrats won’t be treated like obsessive sore-losers, but concerned patriots who may offer a better alternative.

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