The film that uncovers what is really happening in mosques throughout the UK

by Leah Rosenberg

Many don’t want to admit the truth. But mosques throughout the UK are putting the world in danger. And here is the undeniable proof.

Mosques Throughout the UK

Well, here is the truth about mosques throughout the UK. Based on the rhetoric of these speakers, you would think this was taking place in some radical Muslim country. But on the contrary! This is in a WESTERN country! If this is not stopped soon, the Western world is in grave danger.

We cannot be worried about offending people when it comes to the safety of the free world. The safety of our world comes first. And if someone disagrees that protecting innocent people comes first, they are guilty of jeopardizing us and our values!

Going Undercover

How many more people have to go undercover before everyones wakes up? How many more people need to put their lives at risk? The truth is just so obvious. At this point in time, there is enough proof to show the world the dangers that are taking place right in front of their eyes! It is honestly shocking that radical Islam in the UK and throughout the world is still being ignored.

This video is almost all in English. You don’t need a translation. It is crystal clear. The hatred for democracy, Western values, the Jewish people – the list goes on. If we are considered an enemy that needs to be destroyed, why are we letting them destroy us? Why are we embracing them instead of fighting back when their goals are obvious?

Ramallah Lynch 20 Years Later
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