Muslim Children in Philadelphia put on a disturbing show

by Phil Schneider

Many Muslim children who are raised in the United States today are innocent. But some are innocently being raised as a fifth column – as part of a religion that has absolutely no intention of taking part in the United States of America. Their goal is to be part of a world-wide movement to restore the honor of the Muslim people on the international stage.

The Textbooks

In today’s political climate, illegal immigration is often considered the #1 threat in our society. This may be true. But, there are other spheres of influence that should not be overlooked. Of course, the power of mass media is well known. But what is not often discussed is the freedom of private schools to inculcate whatever values they may be interested in giving over to the next generation. This may seem like a wonderful idea. After all, don’t we all believe in freedom of religion and free practice for all of their own value systems? Well, yes, but there should be some exceptions.

This issue is a slippery slope. But it must be dealt with. A sliver of the populations of some religions – usually Islamic – have absolutely no interest in being Americans. They want to destroy as much of the American way of life as they can and be part of a universalist takeover that will swallow up the American way of life. It is this sliver that needs to be beyond the level of any government funding and also needs to be under close scrutiny for any form of subversive education. This will not seem politically correct, but that is exactly what is necessary here. The government needs to be willing to be politically incorrect and hated in these circles. There is no other way to protect our way of life from these elements.

Those who decide to live the life of a fringe element need to know that there are consequences. Without any limits to freedom, our very freedom is in danger.

Dr. Risch

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