Ben Shapiro destroys Democrats’ response to Israel being attacked

by Phil Schneider

When Israel is attacked, often many political personalities avoid dealing with the issue. Their silence is wrong. Ben Shapiro confronts them. But it is much worse than mere silence in the face of evil. It actually reveals that Jewish people under attack are simply unimportant to many leaders. This is not new. This is actually thousands of years old.

Ben explains that there are various forms of anti-semitism. From the far-right, the far-left, and the radical Islamist angle. The last two now work hand in hand – in the Democratic party. Ben takes it apart and explains it better than anyone.

Minimizing the Threat of Anti-Semitism

It is a natural and good-intentioned attitude to sometimes treat fringe elements as if they are not that much of a threat on our way of life. But this has been proven time and again to be a very dangerous attitude. It is not only Germany before World War II that saw a fringe element grab power and bring more destruction to the world than any other time in world history.

In our generation, we all observed what a small but well organized group based in Afghanistan or Iraq was able to do. They brought down the Twin Towers and killed thousands of Americans. The wake-up call on 9/11 should have been enough. But obviously it was not. So many leaders today – chiefly in the Democratic party are silent while young, up and coming leaders in Congress espouse putre anti-Semitic views. They literally cheer on Hamas bombing Israeli towns and cities.

Let’s keep this very simple. The United States has the enemy in Congress today. Yes, they are not wrong-headed liberals or wrong-headed progressives. They are the enemy. These so-called leaders do not support the United States. They hate Jews. Liberals and progressives in the Democratic party better wake up and start speaking, or else they will find themselves surrounded by more and more enemies within. We need to listen to Ben Shapiro and spread him messages.

BDS Exposed
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