TV show sums up the Middle East conflict PERFECTLY

by Leah Rosenberg

This TV show sums up the middle east conflict very well. It shows the challenges the government of Israel face on a day to day basis. Israel faces problems no other country can dream of.

Middle East Conflict

What is the Middle East Conflict? Well, where can one begin? Both Arabs and Jews claim the land that we know today as the State of Israel. It is a conflict that has brought many Wars, Operations and way to much bloodshed. The Arabs have a goal of destroying Israel. Israel just wants to be able to live here in peace.

The conflict started even before the State of Israel was declared. The Jewish People have a connection to the land, they have a rich history here. Many of the stories in the Bible happened in this land. Jewish People from all over the world have a connection to the land, whether having traveled here or not. The Arabs believed Mohammed received revelations here and was taken up to heaven here. They feel they have a connection to the land and demand sovereignty over it.

Israel’s Location & Size

From north to south Israel is 424 kilometers, and from east to west, it is 114 kilometers. The land of Israel is about the size of the State of New Jersey. New Jersey is the 5th smallest State, amongst all the States in America.

Israel is a country that is located on the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea in Western Asia. Its neighbors consist of countries such as Jordan, Egypt, Syria, and Lebanon. Neighboring with these countries Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar all of these countries have a Muslim majority.

With all these Muslim majority countries surrounding Israel, the size of Israel is vital to its security. If Israel were anymore smaller its enemies would destroy it in an instant. There would not be an Israel tomorrow.


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