The Extremist Who is Really Behind Ben and Jerry’s Boycotting Israel

by Phil Schneider

Can an ice cream company as harmless sounding as Ben & Jerry’s actually be anti-Semitic? Until recently, this would seem very doubtful. But in today’s day and age, this is not even surprising. Actually, the new in-fashion way of running a business is to be hyper-politically involved – and specifically in a woke manner. Ben & Jerry’s made the headlines because of the way they didn’t even hide their anti-Jewishness. They just came out loud and clear and said that they oppose the State of Israel’s policies – period.

The most important thing that the haters need to know is that they will pay a price for their hatred. Ben & Jerry’s and other companies that have decided to join the BDS movement need to know that they are joining the haters against the State of Israel, and there will be ramifications for doing this. It is indeed justified that the Prime Minister of the State of Israel has decided to speak up about this issue. BDS will not go away. They need to be exposed for what they don’t really try to hide – they oppose the very existence of the State of Israel. So, think twice the next time you would like some good ice cream.

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