Are Biden and Putin Working To Take Down Israel?

by David Mark

There is no question about it. As much as the global community pretends to respect and support Israel, there is a lot of evidence that the major players are looking to strangle the Jewish State until it begs for help.

The recent news of Russia denying Israel freedom of movement in the skies over Syria and that it was the Biden administration which supported Putin’s decision, is only one move that the big powers have made to besiege the Jewish State.

In parallel to the scheming between Biden and Putin behind Israel’s back are the current nuclear negotiations between Iran and the Western powers. True, with hardline Ebrahim Raisi taking over soon, many observers believe that this will freeze the discussions indefinitely. But the point of the negotiations have never been about the deal. Rather, they were to buy Iran time in order to allow them to cross the nuclear threshold.

Why would the West want that?

The West has always been a fan of a divide and conquer strategy in order to keep power in the Middle East. With a strong Israel and now alliances with Gulf States having materialized, the West loses its reason for sticking around the Middle East. However, an Iran with nuclear capabilities will check Israel and its new allies – keeping the door for the West’s hegemony to continue.

While the world has learned to outwardly deal with Israel, the powers at be, whether that is the “Woke” run USA or Putin’s Russia have increasingly come to belief that a weakened Israel is far better for their machinations than a Jewish State that no longer needs the global overlords to function.

Unfortunately, Israel is being led by an inexperienced team who see more importance in making cosmetic changes to state institutions than dealing with the tightening noose fast encircling Israel.

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