Russia and Israel Headed For A Clash

by David Mark

The Bennett-Lapid-Abbas Government claimed they would run Israel very differently than Netanyahu. I don’t think anyone had in mind a change in the special relationship Netanyahu established with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Russian President Putin made it clear that the special relationship that existed between Israel and Russia regarding freedom of movement for Israeli aircraft when they attack Iranian positions in Syria, is now over. This has widespread ramifications on Israel’s ability to deter Iranian expansion in Syria as well as the Iranian ability to rearm Hezbollah.

With Netanyahu out, Putin does not appear to trust the professionalism and capabilities of the new government. More than that and the point which should frighten Israel, is that Putin made it clear that the new understandings were made possible do to the line of communication Putin and Biden established between them.

As reported by Arutz-7, “Last week, a “well-informed” Russian source has told London’s Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper that Russia has ‘run out of patience’ with Israel’s strikes on Syria, after receiving the impression that ‘Washington does not welcome the continuous Israeli raids.'”

With the Russian partnership now gone and a Woke administration firmly entrenched in Washington, Israel has little capabilities for preventing the Chinese backed Iranian hegemony from completely surrounding it. Putin may swoop in and force Israel to beg for help, but for the Russian President everything has a price and his price for protection may not be worth it.

Whatever one thought of Bibi Netanyahu, no one doubted his political acumen and clout on the world stage. The members of last month’s political coup in Israel forgot all about what that means and now are left gasping for air as the world appears to be closing in.

An unstable government, lack of allies, and inexperienced leader appear to be a disaster in the making. While it is true that these are dark times, where it is increasingly hard to see the way forward, it is precisely in these sort of moments salvation comes.

As the Chassidic Master Rebbe Nachman says: It is forbidden to lost hope.

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