Professional Athlete Gives the Secret to Success, and it May Surprise You

by Leah Rosenberg

You want to know how to succeed at sports? And not only at sports, but in life? American Olympic athlete Sydney McLaughlin just told us.

The Professional Athlete Who has Faith in G-d

Sydney McLaughlin is an American hurdler and sprinter. She is also a woman of great faith. How often do you hear a professional athlete completely saying everything is from G-d? Not often enough. It is so easy to just take all the credit as a superstar athlete. After all, athletes work hard. They train and give their all. And especially in the world we live in today where so many are trying to erase G-d from the picture, it is so much more difficult to keep Him in it. It is not easy to swim against the tide; to go against what society is doing.

And that is the test.

After training so hard, after giving every ounce of energy toward a goal – whether it be sports or something else – who do we attribute our success to? Ourselves or our Creator? It is a challenge, and it is not easy. If it was easy, everyone would be giving the credit to G-d for giving us the strength to succeed. But if a superstar like Sydney McLaughlin can attribute all her success to G-d publicly for everyone to hear, maybe we can all work a little harder to do the same.

Sydney McLaughlin is a role model, and not because she is an excellent athlete. She is a role model because she knows WHY she is excellent – G-d gave her the talents, and she gives all the “glory” to Him.

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