The 11 Second Video That Says Everything About BDS

by Phil Schneider

The BDS movement is a movement to destroy the State of Israel. This is not theory. It is a fact borne out very clearly in this 11 second video. It is indeed that simple.

So how has so much of the world been duped by the BDS movement into thinking that they are genuinely concerned with the humanitarian issues of the so-called “Palestinians?” There are two answers to this question. First off, the leaders of the BDS movement do have a point when they focus on the squalor in the lifestyle of many of the Arabs who live in refugee camps. But these BDS leaders know what very few others know. The reason that the Arabs live the way they live is due to the way the Jordanian government and other Arab countries treated these Arabs from 1948 till 1967. From 1948 until 1967, these Arabs were indeed largely ignored by the Jordanian occupiers, and small problems became big problems. But once Israel liberated the Lands that were historically part of the Jewish Commonwealth for around 1,000 years, everything improved for these Arabs. Health care improved, roads improved, and jobs were available all throughout the State of Israel. But the anti-Israel racist nationalism was spurred on by the same forces that fought against the very existence of the State of Israel. That is how Israel became what it is today – a country with a significant Arab minority that live better than most Arabs in neighboring countries. However, a large segment of this population is still hostile to Israel’s very existence despite all of the improvements. The hostility is nothing more than the same age-old racist anti-semitism that has plagued the world for so many centuries.

The other reason why the BDS movement has been so successful in building up momentum is that the anti-Israel haters found an effective method to blame Israel for everything while sounding like humanitarians. This was a brilliant marketing ploy that must be exposed. That is why short video clips such as this that unmask the true intentions of the BDS movement are so critical. There is no difference whatsoever between someone who wants to destroy the State of Israel and someone who wants to kill all of the Jewish people. They are vile anti-Semites.

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