Will Iran’s Latest Protests Destroy The Regime?

by David Mark

Turmoil and chaos are beginning to spread in Iran. The trigger for the protests appear to be the ascendancy of Ebrahim Raisi – otherwise known as the Butcher of Tehran for his widespread judicial and extrajudicial killings of regime dissidents.

The Green Revolution of 2009 in the beginning of Obama’s tenure saw mass protests across Iran aimed at removing Mahmoud Ahmadinejad from office, eventually fizzled out as the American administration decided not to step in and bolster what appeared to be the best chance at overthrowing the regime.

The current protests may not have the ferocity or the international awareness, but if they continue, they may achieve the desired results. In an age of social media, smartphones, and a far more involved Israel-UAE alliance, the current protests may turn into a full scale revolution.

However, without the Biden administration’s backing, the current protests have little chance of expanding to something more.

With Russia turning on Israel and the Biden administration befuddled, there is little Israel, the UAE, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia can do to stop the Chinese backed Iranian regime. With all the fanfare that the Bennett-Lapid-Abbas government has from international backers, it appears that is much more of an appeasement regime, relegated to the sidelines as Israel is led to the proverbial gallows.

With all of Netanyahu’s faults, the world understood that he was the main roadblock in stopping the global community from taking care of its “Jewish Problem” once and for all.

Of course, the nation of Israel is never finished and in its darkest hour salvation from the most unlikely places will arrive.

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