Japan Opens Olympics with Remembering Israeli Athletes Murdered in 1972 Munich Massacre

by Leah Rosenberg

The 1972 Munich Massacre has never been remembered at the Olympics games. 11 Israeli athletes were murdered by “Palestinian” terrorists.

1972 Munich Massacre

It was the 1972 Munich Massacre that brought tragedy to the Jewish people and the nation of Israel – and to the Olympic games. 11 innocent Israeli athletes were killed by “Palestinian” terrorists who value death and hatred over life and peace. And now, for the first time in 49 years since the massacre happened, a moment of silence was held at the Olympics for these Israelis.

It should have happened earlier, of course. The 11 Israelis should have been honored and remembered at the Olympics long before 49 years. But they weren’t. And instead of dwelling on the past, we can call this a touching moment in Japan at the opening ceremony of the Olympics. It was an emotional moment for the people of Israel as a whole and specifically for the families of the victims.

The terrorists destroyed what the Olympics are all about. In the Olympics, there is a focus on a love of the game. There is a focus on the peace that is created through sports.

The world might remember the 1972 Munich Olympic games, but have they not internalized yet that it is the “Palestinians” that go after the Jews? That it has nothing to do with land but everything to do with the fact that the Jewish people exist and have their own state? A Jew has never murdered Arabs at Olympics games. The world seems to remember what happened in 1972 and yet, at the same time, they seem to have forgotten and ignored the truth behind the massacre.

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