Talks With Iran Are Collapsing – War Is Coming On Three Fronts

by David Mark

The much expected talks in Vienna with Iran have essentially fallen apart, along with the Biden administration’s plans for a reentry into the Iran Nuclear Deal.

Like anything else connected to Iran and nukes, these talks were designed by the Ayatollahs as a way of running out the clock to nuclear breakout and as that date approaches – talks are unnecessary. More than that though, the effect of the retreat from Afghanistan has started a domino effect around the world.

No one believes America anymore.

The failure of the Iranian negotiations and Afghanistan are now directly impacting two other fronts around the world.


The installation of the Biden puppet government by the CCP, with some aiding and abetting of Russian intelligence agents has given both China and Russia what they have always wanted – a weak and feckless American government. While the world is focused on COVID-19 Iran, China and Russia are making moves in what seems a unified front to push against Western hegemony.

Russia is busy amassing 150,000 troops on the Ukrainian border, with Pentagon officials expecting Putin to make a move for the Eastern Ukraine as early as next year. In the far East, China will undoubtedly attempt a take over of Taiwan.

Why now?

With the Biden administration in free fall in the polls, the two super powers understand they have a short time before Americans possibly wake up and elect a strong leader. It’s now or never to irreversibly knock America from the world stage.

Iran is merely just a distraction for the coming global conflict between a very weak West and two world powers seeking to divvy up the spoils between them.

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