Pallywood in Action: The Press and “Palestinian” Children Stage Injuries for Media

by Leah Rosenberg

The Press is at it again trying to fake injuries of “Palestinians” in order to spread a complete lie about Israel. You can see how they do it!

The Press Works to Demonize Israel

You don’t even have to believe it just with your ears – you can also see it with your own eyes! You can see how The Press works to bring down Israel and spread lies about the one and only Jewish state. They stage injuries and lie about attacks. They claim that children and innocent “Palestinians” are injured or killed by Israel. But you can see Pallywood in action! You can see the lies; how they stage the fake injuries. It is sickening that anyone believes this. There have been many other times as well that they do such terror theater in order to use the media as a tool to delegitimize Israel to the world.

It is completely unethical that journalists, editors, and production staff at the major global media organizations play along with these blatant blood libels. 

One of the bottom tweets of this video has the screenshot of the Arabic news network using that video as proof of IDF shooting “innocent” Arabs:

We have to fight the lies and expose these criminal actors and what they do!

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