Pallywood is Back: Top 5 Fake “Palestinian” Photos Circulating the Internet

by Leah Rosenberg

The internet is a place of unlimited information. And that could be a good thing – but not if its false information.

The Internet’s Top Fake “Palestinian” Photos

Have you ever heard of Pallywood? It stands for “Palestinian” Hollywood. Why? Because the Palestinian Arabs tend to lie about being harmed by Israel. They distort the truth in the media and on the internet so that the world will side with them. And so-called news sources like the BBC and The New York Times are guilty of perpetuating the lies. The photos in this video are just a few examples of many, sadly. If it weren’t so serious and didn’t have such negative implications, it would actually be humorous how much the Palestinian Arabs change the story.

Some of the photos in this video are from terrible tragedies that the world SHOULD care about but instead they care more to spread lies about the one and only Jewish state. And some of these photos are of people who are still alive or are not even “Palestinian!” The whole thing is just absurd, and what’s more absurd is that the world falls for it.

The fact that the Palestinian Arabs need to lie to try to gain the world’s sympathy says a lot about the situation. It proves that Israel does not actually intentionally kill or harm innocent Arabs. That is why they have to spread fake news and share fake photos!

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