If The Bennett-Lapid Coalition Takes Over, Mansour Abbas Will Run Israel

by Micha Gefen

There are times when the writing is clearly on the wall. Israel is facing its greatest crisis yet and this time it comes from the inside.

The Bennett-Lapid-Abbas coalition is a groundbreaking experiment for Israel. It essentially will be a government with no over-arching theme or agenda, but rather a a group of individuals focused only on their respective tasks. With only 61 MKs, this government will be under constant threat of collapse. If that was not enough, it is literally the first government in the stead of Israel wholly reliant on and Islamist party.

Thats right. Rightwing Naftali Bennett has agreed to work with an Arab Islamist party who as of yesterday says that he and his supporters are part of the greater “palestinian” people.

Mansour Abbas, leader of the Raam party will essentially call the shots in the Bennett-Lapid-Abbas government – effectively nullifying the Zionist enterprise. Already Bennett and Lapid have agreed to legalize most of the Bedouin illegal building in the Negev. This will only encourage more of the same.

If there is another war with Hamas, can Mansour Abbas be trusted to keep the government afloat?

73 years of the founding of the third Jewish commonwealth, it appears to be teetering on edge of entering into a post-zionist paradigm. Can Bibi survive? For Israel as we know it, Bibi has been the only force keeping it together. His exit from the political stage will bring Israel to a much more fragile reality.

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