Is This Bibi’s Last Move?

by David Mark

Despite some obvious tensions and fractures, the Bennett-Lapid-Abbas Coalition continues its push towards taking over. The parties belonging to this Never Bibi coalition have nothing to do with one another except for their mutual dislike for Netanyahu.

While there is consensus across the Israeli political spectrum on the need to stop Iran, Netanyahu has been the most vocal and willing to break ranks with America when it comes to a possible strike on Iranian nuclear facilities. Netanyahu has always seen stopping Iran as his main issue and because of this there may be something afoot before the Bennett-Lapid-Abbas coalition takes over.

Of course, if the Prime Minister takes action before his final days in office he will be accused by his detractors of starting a war in order to stay in power. Convicted felon and former PM Olmert has already claimed Bibi may start a war to stay in power.

Netanyahu is liable to heat things up on the security front due to the political situation,” Olmert said. “That’s what he did a month ago … and he could even do worse than that – in fact, there’s nothing he won’t stoop to.”

The reality is, Prime Minister Netanyahu knows that the incoming government, if it is sworn in, will have little ability to do anything. This will put Israel in jeopardy. If Netanyahu will act it is in order to ensure that Iran is severely pushed back in order to prevent a weak Israeli leadership from buckling under US pressure.

Then again, given the continued fracturing of the potential coalition, it may break before it ever takes off – leaving Prime Minister Netanyahu in power and in the driver’s seat against the Ayatollahs and Biden’s pro-Iran policy.

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