Lead Singer of Band Disturbed Sings for Terror Victim at Site of Murder in Jerusalem

by Leah Rosenberg

The lead singer of Disturbed is David Draiman, a Jew. And what he did here is unbelievable. It made a statement – and that was his point.

Lead Singer of Disturbed Sings for Murdered Jew

Just a couple weeks ago, a terrorist murdered an innocent Jewish man named Eli Kay and injured others. Eli was just 26 years old. The Jewish people have been mourning the loss of this special young man. And by the Jewish people, that means Jews everywhere of every type of affiliation. The lead singer of the famous band Disturbed is David Draiman. Many people know of the band because of their rendition of Simon and Garfunkel’s famous song “The Sound of Silence.” And what is so amazing is that Draiman wanted to come to Israel because he is a strong advocate for the Jewish state. He definitely made a statement by coming and showing his support for the Jewish people and Israel. He mourned the loss of Eli along with the entire nation. In a world where so many are against the Jews and Israel – including Jews themselves – it is a big deal that David Draiman supports his people and his country.

The song that they sang at the site of the murder was part of “Am Yisrael Chai,” or “The Nation of Israel Lives.” How incredible it is that they sang this at the site of a terror attack. These terrorists keep trying to push the Jewish people away, but the Jewish people respond with more life, love, and kindness. They respond with more support for each other and for the one and only Jewish state.

The terrorist did not push the Jewish people away from their homeland. In fact, more people came to show support and love; to share in the grief and mourning of a fellow Jew.

Below is Disturbed’s rendition of The Sound of Silence with over 766 million views on YouTube.

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