Terror Victim of Muslim Attack in Jerusalem Recounts Moment of Attack

by Leah Rosenberg

Enough of this. Another attack in Jerusalem. Another innocent Jewish life taken far too soon. More innocent Jews injured. When will it end?

Attack in Jerusalem

This attack in Jerusalem was deadly. The attack took place in Jerusalem’s Old City, and a young 26 year old man named Eliyahu David Kay was murdered. He was engaged to be married. His family, friends, and the entire nation are in mourning. And why was he killed? For being a Jew. In his homeland. In G-d’s land. Eli was murdered in cold blood by a Hamas terrorist. Everyone involved in these attacks must pay a price for their actions. Will the Israeli government respond strongly?

Thank G-d, the man in this video was not killed. He was “only” injured, and he was thankful for that. He knows that life is a gift. But the outcome could have been different. This cannot happen anymore – these terrorist attacks. It was the second attack in the Old City of Jerusalem in just a few days. People do not deserve to live like this. Jews do not deserve to be attacked in their homeland – or anywhere.

Israel and the Jewish people need a lot of prayers now and always. Hopefully, this will be the last tragedy for the nation of Israel.

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