Jewish History’s Unforgivable Villain Who is Held as a Ukrainian Hero

by Leah Rosenberg

Jewish history is filled with many ups and down. All of it is important to learn about – even the parts we wish never happened.

One of the Worst Massacres in Jewish History

Some people might have heard of the Chmielnicki massacres but may not know all the details. And some may not have heard of the massacres at all. Although this time period in Jewish history was painful beyond words, it is important to learn about and know about. It is important to know the details of what happened. As mentioned in the video, Chmielnicki was considered one of the worst villains in Jewish history before Hitler came along. And then, Hitler was added to that list of evil murderers of innocent Jewish men, women, and children. To think of these merciless barbarians is terrifying. How could they possibly have done what they did?

And the Jews Rebuilt

What is so amazing is that the Jewish people have never let destruction, oppression, and torture destroy them. They have never let massacres crush them. The Jews have always rebuilt. Even after one major massacre or pogrom it wouldn’t be shocking if a people disappeared – especially such a small nation. But the Jews not only did not disappear, they came back to rebuild and to live. The Jews have always chosen life. After the Holocaust, you would expect not to hear about a nation that had 6 million murdered and even more tortured. You would, again, expect that nation to have disappeared. And yet, just a few years after the Holocaust, the Jews rebuilt a modern state in their ancient homeland.

Because when you are G-d’s people, you will not be crushed.

Dr. Risch

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