Watch: Critical Race Theory Professor Has No Idea How to Define Racism

by Phil Schneider

Words matter. And they matter even more when the people speaking the words are Professors who are hired to teach others with their words. So when Professors don’t know how to make a reasonable definition of one of their central tenets, it is time to question whether or not the Professors know what they are talking about.

The answer is that in many cases the blind are indeed leading the blind. All of the talk of racism and inequality has spun out of control into a stylish mess of words that make no sense to anybody who is honest. There are indeed differences between different kinds of people and yes, racism certainly is a factor in the world that has not vanished. But, there are other factors that are far more important than these when it comes to the reasons for so many black people in prisons. The breakdown of the family structure is far more important. Only when we properly assess the problem, will we be able to properly look for answers.

Yes, we do need more social workers – but no instead of police departments. We need more social workers to teach people how to stay married to each other and to deal with the negative impact of broken families. That will keep black people out of prison far more effectively than removing policemen from the streets of major cities in America. Inequality is not the problem. Family breakdowns are the problem. Equality of opportunity should be the goal, not equality of result.


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