Taliban Wants An Air Force – Will Joe Biden Let Them?

by Micha Gefen

As if things couldn’t get worse for Joe Biden’s Afghanistan blunder – now the Taliban wants an air force and it seems that China may actually provide one for them.

The Taliban is one of those rags to riches stories applied to terrorists group turned statesmen. Think about it. For years they wandered in the mountains of Afghanistan, forced out by American forces only to sweep back into power due to the bumbling of the President of the USA who happens to be suffering dementia.

Just like that they are not only back in charge, but backed by the newest world leader – China. The fact is, Chinese ascension and the Taliban’s return were never inevitable, but rather enabled by clueless American leaders.

Now with the Taliban in full control – the Biden administration is set to lose its grasp on central Asia and the last roadbloack keeping China from securing a clear move to the West.

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