Taliban Threatens Biden To Withdraw Troops In Time

by Micha Gefen

The international community is urging President Joe Biden to postpone the US troop withdrawal until after the August 31st deadline in hopes that more Afghanis looking to escape will be given the ability to do that.

There is only one problem. The Taliban has threatened to attack American troops if they stay one day longer.

In an interview on Monday, in Doha, a spokesman for the Taliban in Qatar, Suhail Shaheen, ruled out any extension beyond Aug. 31, saying it would be a “clear violation” of its agreement with the USA on the withdrawal of troops.

With thousands of Afghanis looking to flee the Taliban there appears to be no way out fo the entrapment forming around them unless the USA and Britain stay longer. In fact, British Prime Minister is currently urging Biden to extend the deadline.

With the corporate media turning against Biden, and the US suffering perhaps the worst military disaster since the fall of Saigon, the Biden administration is in free fall. The Democrat leadership has begin quiet talks in moving him out and installing Kamala Harris as soon as possible.

If Biden’s team decides to extend the deadline they risk open warfare with the Taliban. While the Taliban has not been able to defeat the USA in open warfare, there are far fewer troops remaining in the country to assist with evacuation. Besides that, the Taliban has now captured billions of dollars of advanced US military equipment.

Biden is damned if he does and damned he doesn’t. It will either be a blood bath for US and British soldiers or a blood bath for civilians. Neither outcome will pan out good for the USA – and this is only the beginning.

Dr. Kedar on Afghanistan
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