Return of Terror Balloons: Gaza Terrorists Burn up Southern Israel Again

by Leah Rosenberg

What a disturbing thing to do – take a child’s toy like a balloon and turn it into terrorism. Southern Israel has been targeted once again.

Southern Israel Gets Hit Again

Gaza terrorists are at it again. They are back to their incendiary terror balloons. And of course, Southern Israel is the closest target. Can you imagine living like this? Can you imagine looking out your window and seeing fire balloons headed toward where you live?

The terror from Gaza is enough! When will the Israeli leadership stand up against this? When will they do something strong enough to stop what has been happening?

The Israeli people deserve to live safely and peacefully. They deserve to live without fearing what Gaza terrorists will do next.

Recently, a terrorist shot an IDF soldier at point-blank range at the Gaza border. That should never have happened. Israel needs to do whatever it has to do to defend itself. Even if the world will claim we acted with “excessive force,” we cannot listen to them anymore. They will never defend Israel’s right to exist and to protect itself anyway.

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