The Greatest Response to a TikToker’s Blood Libels Against Israel

by Phil Schneider

I don’t hate Jews – just Israelis. Come again. Yes – this is the new style of anti-semitism. And it must be fought with persistence and clarity. You cannot hate the United States of American and say from the other end of your mouth that you have no problem with Americans.

Hatred of Jews is back – and it is reappearing with a vengeance. In truth, it never disappeared – it was just dampened for a few decades after the Holocaust. It has never truly disappeared – anywhere across the world. The world needs to understand that the source of anti-Semitism is not a logical argument or any one event. It is as old as are the Jewish people and it is such a deeply held emotion that it will not go anywhere anytime soon.

So why not just say it loud and clear, We hate Jews!” Because that has not become politically correct – yet. But hating Israel has become more politically correct due to the constant delegitimization of Israel that has plagued the Israel-Arab debate. Israel is the aggressor and the Arabs are the innocent minority who suffer at checkpoints. That’s the story that is told endlessly. That’s OK. Let the Arabs continue to scream endlessly. It’s better to have the anti-semites screaming, but the Jewish people now have a strong Army and will no longer cower to anti-Semites who dream of another Holocaust.

Col. Kemp

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