Archaeologists Uncover New Section of Ancient Jerusalem

by Leah Rosenberg

Yet again another proof of the Jewish presence in ancient Jerusalem. How can anyone deny such hardcore evidence of Jewish history?

Ancient Jerusalem is Uncovered in Modern Times

Despite how old these discoveries are, these discoveries NEVER get old! Archaeologists continue to discover artifacts and more from ancient Jerusalem and ancient times. It just gets more and more mind-boggling that the world denies what has been discovered. If you are staring at a ball, can you deny that the ball exists? If you are looking at the grass, can you say that there is none? So too, how can the world stare at artifacts, see the proof of a Jewish Jerusalem, and then say it doesn’t exist?

It is truly amazing how much archaeologists have discovered over the decades. The “Palestinian” Arabs and the world keep trying to hide the proof and dispose of it, but the Jews will not let that happen. G-d won’t let that happen. He has given archaeologists the ability to keep on searching and finding; to keep on digging for the truth. Judaism and G-d are all about truth. Israel is about truth.

At the end of the day, no matter how much the world tries to hide the truth and spread lies about Israel and the Jewish people, the truth will prevail. Because G-d represents truth, and G-d is infinite. And the Jewish people will never be destroyed, because the Jewish people are G-d’s people and exist to bring His name into the world.

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