Taiwan and India Preparing To Hold Off Chinese Advance

by Micha Gefen

With the Indian army to China’s South West pushing back against China’s advance and tiny Taiwan, an Island off China’s East coast holding back the Chinese Regime in Beijing, both Democracies are essentially defending the free world from the Chinese Communist Party.

China has been on a breakout, making moves through completely taking over Hong Kong, threatening to do the same to Taiwan. There is just one problem. Taiwan is no Hong Kong. It is a heavily armed Island backed by the US.

Taiwan has already held off numerous attempts by the CCP’s army to cross over into its airspace – even downing a Communist fighter jet.

Trump’s Strategy Is To Contain China Through Proxies

Taiwan and India have become the front line in President Trump’s strategy of containing the Chinese Dragon and so far it appears to be working. While the Chinese Communist Regime may have a far better military both in size and capability, India and Taiwan are positioned just right with the right leaders to hold China back – for now.

If Biden should win, both of these countries will b abandoned. However, a Trump win will strengthen both India and Taiwan’s hands.

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