Syrian activist slams Iran and shocks viewers in this epic debate

by Leah Rosenberg

Well that was not expected! Check out what this Syrian activist says about Iran and Israel. You will definitely be surprised.

The Syrian Activist & the Professor

This debate between Syrian opposition activist and writer Issam Zeitoun and Lebanese professor Ra’ed Al-Masri is too good. Zeitoun actually believes that Iran is the “bad one” and Israel is good.

There are a few points he makes that are especially noteworthy. He refers to Israel as an “existing country.” That is not always common to hear. He believes that Israel actually exists as a state. He does not believe that it is illegitimate. Zeitoun also does not believe that Israel is a racist country, despite much of the Muslim world preaching that to him and others. He even feels Iran is obviously more dangerous to the Middle East than Israel is!

Courage in the Muslim World

It takes courage in the Muslim world to speak out against popular belief. But some Muslims have that courage. To publicly say that Israel is a country, a country that is definitely not racist, and that the Arab world should be allies with Israel is brave! The false beliefs about Israel, according to Zeitoun, is ruining the Arab nation. They are just poisonous ideas keeping the Arabs fragmented!

The fact that this Syrian opposition activist also believes that all of Israel’s wars have been defensive is so important for the world to hear. It just shows further that Israel does not want war, but they do have to protect themselves. And Issam Zeitoun understands that.

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