Iranians go against the regime and do something to respect the US and Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

Not everyone supports Iran’s Islamic Regime. Many Iranians are completely against the evil leadership. And some are even brave enough to act.

The Leadership of Iran

Iran’s Islamic Regime knows no boundaries. They do not care about their people. They use money for destruction and to fund terrorism. And they have no respect for democracy. That is why, as explained in this tweet, the regime has gone as far as painting US and Israeli flags on the ground entering universities so that people will step on democracy and freedom. Sometimes, it seems like Iran as a whole is against good and supports evil. But that is definitely not true. There have been multiple times where the people of Iran publicly went against the regime. On social media as well!

Iranians Take a Stand

In this video, Iranians bravely stood up against what the regime did. They did not want to step on freedom and democracy. And so, they covered up the flags so that others would not step on them. They wanted to give respect to the US and Israel.

These bold individuals deserve acknowledgment for their unbelievable courage!


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