The Islamic vs. Christian control over places of worship in Jerusalem

by Leah Rosenberg

Places of worship in Jerusalem are important. But when one religion won’t allow for others to pray, it is time for something to change.

The Temple Mount

The Temple Mount is one of the main places of worship in Jerusalem. And for the Jewish people, it is the holiest of places. But the problem is that Jews cannot even pray there! Why? Because the Muslims control it. And they won’t allow Jews to pray. Only the Muslims have the freedom to do whatever they want there. The Israeli police even stop Jews from praying there, which is so ironic.

Does anyone realize that this is completely wrong? The Left thinks the Muslims are being “oppressed” by Israelis. But this is just another situation that proves how false that belief is.

Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Now if you take a look at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, it is so different. The contrast between that and the Tempe Mount is stark. Three religions are able to share that Church without any issues. Anyone can walk in and pray. How different that is from the Temple Mount where the Muslims only allows Muslims to pray! It is really just a microcosm of a bigger situation. And that is something that the world does not understand.

Israel is a Democracy

The fact that Israel allows Muslims, Christians, and all other religions to pray and worship God as they would like to just shows that Israel is a democracy. Despite being a Jewish state, they do not oppress other religions. But you can get a glimpse at what would happen if the Muslims took over Israel. You can get an idea based on what happens on the Temple Mount. No one can pray or have freedom of religion – besides Muslims.

Is that really what anyone wants to happen? It seems like democracy is much better with Israel in control…

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