SURROUNDED: Rockets Fired From Gaza, UAVs Hit Eilat, and Drone Explodes In Rosh Hanikra

by David Mark

It didn’t take long after the IDF’s 98th Brigade was pulled from Gaza for Hamas to begin firing rockets from the Southern Gaza Strip. Israel recorded rocket launches at Gaza area communities soon after the 98th was pulled. This is the natural result of a lack of an active IDF presence in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.

More ominous however, is the uptick in Iranian sent UAVs into Eilat. Yesterday, a UAV was intercepted over the skies of Eilat while vacationers were sent inside from the beaches. Last night another UAV was again intercepted by the naval base in Eilat.

The UAVs are Iranian in origin and appear to be coming over the Jordanian border into Israel’s southern city - a development that adds Israel’s eastern border to its many front conflict with the Iranian regime. There are also reports of Iraq’s Shiite Militias crossing into Jordan’s east in preparation to not only attack Israel, but to aid in overthrowing the Hashemite monarchy in Jordan. This would complete the encirclement of Israel as Egypt would certainly back away from its strategic alliance with the West.

If all of the above is not enough, the northern front with Hezbollah continues to heat up with the Iranian backed group increasing its rocket fire against Israel’s communities. Yesterday, a drone exploded in a direct hit on Israel’s tourist get away in Rosh HaNikra and a missile from Syria hit into Israel’s Golan Heights

So where do things go from here? 

Can Israel fight a multi-front war against genocidal enemies with most of the world increasingly being infected by an acute form of the mind virus known as antisemitism? There is a lot of fear that we will see our weapons supplies cut off and leaders dragged to the Hague as well as being left alone to be destroyed. However, we as a nation have been here before. Israel fought its War of Independence with very little help from outside allies against enemies far more equipped and trained on multiple fronts. We won and then won again 19 years later with no help from America.

This generation of young Israelis has already proven itself to be remarkable in its self sacrifice, determination, and complete faith in its mission to rescue Israel from the chasm of abyss it now stands looking out over. Sometimes we need to be reminded that we face a darkness and true existential threat to find our compass and direction once again. Despite the leftist news reports about mass protests – very little people are actually participating. Most of the nation remains united and dedicated to victory. What we need now are leaders who have true faith and a clarity of vision to see all of this through.

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