Israel Continues To Pound Sites In Southern Lebanon As Iran Threatens To Attack

by Micha Gefen

Israel has continued to hit high value targets in Southern Lebanon despite Iran’s continued threats of retaliation over the killing of a high level IRGC general last week.

The IDF carried out a strike against a Hezbollah site in southern Lebanon’s Khiam, where an operative was spotted.

The IDF also said that an interceptor missile was fired at a target that entered Israeli airspace from Lebanon earlier today, in the Upper Galilee. Renewed suspected drone infiltration and rocket sirens are currently sounding in Kiryat Shmona and nearby communities.

The Iranian foreign minister said the following: ”The following days will be difficult for Israel.”

With Israel pulling out some of its troops from Southern Gaza, tensions on Israel’s northern border continue to grow. Iran appears to be ready to attack ay day.

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