Shocking: Did the Soviet Union Invent “Palestinian” Nationalism?

by Leah Rosenberg

This connection between “Palestinian” nationalism and the Soviet Union is highly disturbing. Did you know about this part of history?

The Soviet Union and “Palestinian” Nationalism

It’s time for the world to learn some history. People think that the so-called “Palestinians” were thrown off their land by Israel. They think that “Palestine” has existed for thousands of years. But they have things very backwards. And part of the reason they do is thanks to the Soviet Union from decades and decades ago.

Yes, some of the world might not care that the USSR invented “Palestinian” nationalism. They might not care that the whole movement of the so-called “Palestinian” Arabs wanting their own state on what they claim is their land is all a fake narrative and isn’t a real thing. Because some people just don’t care about the facts. They don’t care that the “Palestinian” Arabs never had their own state on the ancient, ancestral land of Israel.

But there are some out there who really don’t know the truth. Some people are really unaware of the facts. And so we need to educate them and teach them some history. Because for those who really do care about the truth, they will want to know the real history. They are fed so much propaganda.

Learn some Bible. Grab a history book. See the truth. It’s all right there. It’s not hidden. It’s just that the lies are extremely loud. So let’s make the truth even louder. Scream it. Share it. Tell it to the world. People deserve to know the truth.

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