Saudi Arabian blogger hosts two Jews in his home

by Leah Rosenberg

Meet Mahmoud Saud, the Saudi Arabian blogger who loves Jews and Israel. He has not been quiet about voicing his opinion, despite the backlash from Arabs.

Mahmoud Saud – Blogger and Hero

Mahmoud Saud is really a hero. He knows what the consequences to his actions can be. He choose to go public with his views on the Jewish state and the Jewish people. But he doesn’t care. Saud recognizes that it is more important to defend what is right and just in this world. He has made videos defending Israel. He has even made videos supporting Jews with prayer!

When Arabs Spat on Him

When “Palestinian” Arabs called Saud a traitor and spat on him while he went to the Temple Mount, he just continued going peacefully. He didn’t fight back. He didn’t yell at them. Why? Because he doesn’t want to cause any harm! He just wants to live peacefully and to stand up for peace.

He hosted two Jews in his home because he loves the Jews! Why do Arabs get so offended when their own see the truth and want to embrace love and peace?

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