One of the historic moments Nikki Haley slammed the UN for its bias against Israel

by Phil Schneider

As polarizing a figure as Donald Trump has been as President of the United States, Nikki Haley has been the opposite. She wisely did not hold on to her position at the UN for more than a few years. This way, she could sidestep the embarrassing aspects of the impeachment and not be affiliated with President Trump as things get more and more ugly in American politics.

Targeting The UN

Nikki Haley is in no way a radical. So, when she was appointed to be the US representative of the UN, it was considered a non-controversial appointment. She was expected to be a voice of reason in a venue that is often rather unreasonable. But instead, she came out as a powerhouse who would stand up for what is right and just in the face of hypocrisy.

She was wise enough to understand that this was her chance to shine on the world stage and set herself up for a future senior post in Washington. But she performed so well that now she is already considered a leading candidate for the Presidency in 2024. To be fair, serving as the UN Ambassador to the UN does not put someone in the situation where they are qualified to serve as President of the United States. But coming on the heels of an Obama and a Trump Presidency, having a more unifying figure at the helm such as Nikki Haley would be a breath of fresh air as opposed to the situation today.

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