Saudi Arabian blogger shocks the Arab world with his comments on Lebanon

by Avi Abelow

WOW! What a brave man! Making comments about Lebanon and Hezbollah while knowing that much of the Arab world will disagree is courageous!

Blogger’s Comments on Lebanon

Meet this Saudi Arabian blogger, Mohammed Saud. He is not quiet about the fact that he does not hate Israel. And of course, Palestinian Arabs as well as Arabs throughout the world are furious. In some of the Arab world, it is basically a crime to actually support Israel. But Mohammed Saud still does. And you can see that from this short video with his comments on Lebanon and Israel. Saud said he supports Israel over Lebanon and Hezbollah – who want to destroy the Jewish state! This Saudi Arabian blogger does not want the Jewish state to be destroyed!

He even says in Hebrew that he supports PM Bibi Netanyahu. About the prime minister, Mohammed Saud said, “He knows what to do in the North with Hezbollah.”

This Gives Hope for a Better Future

Seeing people like Mohammed Saud who are brave enough to be different really gives hope for a better future with the Arab world. There ARE Arabs who love Israel. There ARE Arabs who want terrorism eradicated from the Earth. Although many may be too scared to risk their lives and speak up, when they do, it really builds bridges and paths toward a peaceful future.

Israel is thankful that people like Saud are willing to stand up – especially in a world where even so many Jews criticize Israel and support terrorism over their own state.

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