The only response an American should have to Soleimani being killed

by Micha Gefen

Pete Hegseth of Fox News responded the way everyone should about Soleimani being killed.

“This guy is going to rot in Hell” Hegseth exclaims in the above video. On speaking about the killing of Soleimani Hegseth says the following:

“They are reminded today like they are everyday under the Trump administration that the Americans are the top dog. That we can find you where you are. We will find you at the Baghdad International Airport. When you think you are safe, because you think you control the Iraqi regime. You think thats your backyard – no, no, no. We have intel, we have weapons, we can touch you anywhere.”

While many “pundits” thought that Trump’s actions would start WW3 they appear to have done the opposite and with one strike forced the Iranian regime into a corner.

Although the Iranians are pining for a serious retaliation unlike what they have done so far, they are limited in options as the leadership fears the same fate as Qassem Soleimani.

President Trump essentially wen so high up the ladder that it has cause complete trepidation through out the Mullah regime in Iran.

Blood Libel
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