Gazan reunites with Jewish mother after 30 years

by Leah Rosenberg

Intermarriage between Jews and Arabs in Israel is rare. However, it does exist. Sometimes it exists under duress. This story of a family reunited after 30 years is truly riveting.

The Arab population in Israel is actually much more heterogeneous than many people realize. There are hundreds of thousands of Arabs who live in Israel who are actually very happy with their place in the Middle East. They understand well that they have it good in Israel. They have nationalized medical care with excellent Jewish and Arab doctors who work harmoniously. They have excellent roads and public transportation in the bulk of the country. And, yes, they travel rather freely throughout the country also.

But, since there are a few hundred thousand troublemakers – or terrorist supporters – who cause so many of the problems, that is what people associate Arabs in Israel with. But the truth is so often so much more complex than what people paint it as.

The upcoming decades may indeed see more radicalization of Muslims in Europe and the United States. But the State of Israel is poised to have a more complex relationship with it’s Arab population. The right plan of action is one that props up the more reasonable and peace-oriented population and more aggressively punishes the Arab population that causes trouble. Ultimately, Israel is headed towards a bright future that will include the Arabs who cooperate and will not include those who don’t.

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