The most profitable job to have as a “Palestinian” Arab explains it all

by Leah Rosenberg

What is the most profitable job to have in the “Palestinian” Arab world? A doctor? Lawyer? Teacher? Social worker? High tech? Sadly, none of the above.

The Most Profitable Job for an Arab

This is extremely disturbing. Having a profitable job in the “Palestinian” Arab world means you have to be a terrorist. You have to be a murderer. You have to kill innocent Jews. And then you can make all the money you need to. Even your family will be supported!

Does that bother anyone else? Does the international world care about the Palestinian Authority’s incentive of “Pay for Slay?” It seems like they don’t. But they definitely should.

What About Other Jobs?

If you are working in areas governed by the Palestinian Authority, you won’t be able to make a living and support your family. The PA makes it that the only good job to have is to be a murderer. And that is sad. Yet the world blames Israel for lack of peace. Some countries have stopped giving money to the PA until they change their “Pay for Slay” incentive, but not enough countries have taken action.

How can anyone condemn Israel when the leader of the “Palestinian” Arabs literally gives money to terrorists who murder innocent Israeli men, women, and children? Israel is not a perfect country. But they are not an evil country, either. On the other hand, the “Palestinian” Arab leaders are more than “not perfect.” They are terrorists. And the international world should stop funding them.

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