Two million dollars “to the terrorist who stabbed and shot my father”

by Leah Rosenberg

Here is an example of pay for slay. Micah Avni’s father was murdered by a Palestinian Arab terrorist. The terrorist got millions in return. Is that peaceful?

Pay for Slay

Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Arab leadership incite violence. When a Palestinian Arab chooses to murder a Jew, they get rewarded. Their families get rewarded. The leadership pays millions to those who murder Jews. They pay the families as well. Why is there no one boycotting this? People boycott the Jewish state and democracy, but not paying terrorists for murdering innocent people? It is sickening!

Richard Lakin

Micah Avni’s father Richard Lakin was murdered by a Palestinian Arab terrorist. When you hear the way Micah speaks about how special his father was, it is heartbreaking. His father loved peace and was a civil rights activist. He taught English to Jews and Arabs. And in return? An Arab killed him. And that terrorist got paid almost 2 million dollars. For what? Murdering. Killing. Destroying. Bringing grief to family members and friends. As Micah says, “Paying murderers only helps kill peace.”

Will you really look into Micah Avni’s eyes and tell him that Mahmoud Abbas wants peace? Will the world really do such an awful thing? Well, so far they haven’t said anything different. Sadly, they still side with the Palestinian Arab terrorists…

Dr. Risch

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